Goldsmiths Row


September 2012

Goldsmiths Row

A mural created on the old Children’s Hospital on Goldsmiths Row in Hackney and commissioned by Camden based architects HTA after a series of workshops with the local community.

The mural is the result of a discussion with the residents of the local area and references themes of transition and change, whilst paying homage to some of the more authentic businesses of the local area, such as E-Pellicci restaurant on Bethnal Green road, a family run business since 1900 and one of my favourite café’s in London.



Filthy Mc Nastys

September 2012

Commissioned Artwork

Painting made for a private client of his favourite pub in Clerkenwell, London


A Bunch Of Fives

September 2012

Bunch Of Fives by the Designers Republic

Asked by Ian Anderson of the Designers Republic to contribute to a new book they were producing to celebrate the fifth birthday of super Sheffield based Evolution Print. It also coincided with the 25th birthday of TDR™.

I was asked the question “What does five mean to you” and when I think about numbers, I tend to get all serious and think of the way that people try to organise society with numerical restrictions and categories, in particular the 5 day working week and the classic 9-5 analogies… So I drew a picture of my Boot Street London studio.


Street Art Against Slavery

September 2012

Charity Auction at Village Underground

Asked to show at this street art exhibition and auction in aid of Anti-Slavery International supported by Opera Gallery and Moniker Projects. We raised a collaborative £27,000 for charity and this is my painting sold on the night.


Whitecross Street Party


August 2012

Live Painting on Whitecross St

Organised each year by artist and Teddy Baden, the street is transformed and includes some of the world’s most creative living non-conformist artists. I was lucky enough to be chosen to paint on perhaps the sunniest weekend of the summer alongside Will Barras, Milo Tchais and more.


London Design Festival

September 2012

OPEN HOUSE LONDON with Child Graddon Lewis

I created a mural for cgl architects on Commercial Road back in May and they are opening up the courtyard for a public viewing for Open House London here

…and if you want to see how it’s done, here’s a video of me on the coffee again as the painting progresses in superfast time!


In The Mean Time


June 2012


The title of this show, In The Mean Time, reflects not only the very literal sense of Mean Time (Greenwich where the show is based) but also the idea of the phrase. I like the famous quote “Life is what happens whilst your busy making plans” It all seems relevant in the run up to the Olympics with all these grand schemes and future plans to just consider London, and in particular Greenwich and it’s surrounding area as it stands now, in 2012.

Thank you to everyone who made it down to the show, and to the BOG for making it such a success. For more images of new work check out the painting section of this site and for any enquiries and available work please contact Ben at the gallery.



The Cinema

We also installed a little one-seater cinema in the gallery which showed my film Things Change. And I produced a very limited edition screen print of the wall which can be bought on my shop and also at the lovely Nelly Duff on Columbia Rd.



Upfest – Bristol

June 2012


On a lovely and wet weekend in June I headed off on my annual trip to Bristol with a bag of paint. I set to the task of brightening up this abandoned and boarded up shop.

Thanks to all of the people who stopped and said hello and to Lee at global street art for this picture of me disguised as a ne’er do well, huddled in the doorway!

Here are some more pictures of the final result;



Things Change


April 2012



Things Change is an optimistic look at the idea of human impermanence. The buildings and debris created by the human exploitation of our natural environment decay and give way to the force of nature once again.

I spent 3 weeks painting the big wall at Village Underground in order to create a 3 minute animation. The sun shone down upon us as I painted away and I hope you like the finished result. It was an epic task!


photo credits Owen Richards,  Denise Scicluna and Josh Horwood


Community Kite Project


March 2012

Community Kite Project

I curated an exhibition of kites by artists Dave Anderson, Jon Fox, Will Barras, Kid Acne, EMA, Ryan Callanan, Hattie Stewart, Telegramme, Alex Turvey and myself. You can view all of the other kites here

We also ran a series of free kite making workshops down at the lovely Space54 on Rivington Street. Here are some photos of the workshops… Thanks to everyone who came down to make a kite, we had a lot of fun!